segunda-feira, 23 de junho de 2008

Por favor, diga à VIRBAC que não comprará os produtos desta empresa enquanto esta patrocinar o programa “Arte & Emoção”

A farmacêutica VIRBAC Saúde Animal patrocina o programa semanal de propaganda pró-tauromáquica “Arte & Emoção”.

Por favor, envie a mensagem abaixo sugerida – ou escreva a sua mensagem (em inglês), se preferir – e diga à VIRBAC Saúde Animal que não comprará os produtos desta empresa para os seus animais de companhia enquanto esta patrocinar o vergonhoso e chocante programa “Arte & Emoção”. Por favor, envie a sua mensagem para;;;;;; Com Conhecimento (Cc) a

Mensagem Sugerida

Dear Madams/Sirs,

I am writing to you to inform you that your Portuguese branch – VIRBAC Animal Health Portugal – is currently sponsoring the shameful pro-bullfighting weekly TV programme “Art & Emotion” (“Arte & Emoção”, in Portuguese).

Bullfighting is a disgusting activity consisting solely in inflicting excruciating pain and suffering to bulls and in terrorising horses and exposing them to extreme risks of being dramatically hurt by the bulls. The number of people in Portugal who derive pleasure from watching these spectacles is by far smaller than the number of people who oppose this activity and want to see it banned, as recent surveys have shown.

Bullfighting is experiencing such opposition in Portugal, that, in the last 8 months, 8 national and international companies, such as Ben & Jerry´s, KODAK and MELKA have ended the association that these companies´Portuguese branches had with bullfighting activities in Portugal. When stating its position on the issue, KODAK UK Chairman Julian Baust made KODAK´s position strongly and positively clear, saying “KODAK in no way condones animal cruelty”. Other companies issued similar statements when they have announced that they would no longer get involved with bullfighting.

I cannot understand how VIRBAC Animal Health is supporting something that many important companies only want distance from and that, three weeks ago, a Lisbon court has deemed as “a cruel and violent spectacle”, “unsuitable for children and teenagers, as it is susceptible of negatively influencing their personality”, in a historic court decision regarding the exhibition of bullfights on TV.

I urge you to please clear VIRBAC´s name and reputation from this deeply negative situation. Until you do, I will prefer not to buy any VIRBAC product for my companion animal – although I will happily do the opposite and give preference to VIRBAC´s produts, once VIRBAC makes the decision of ending its current association with this disgusting programme.

Looking forward for your reply and thanking you for your attention,

Yours, sincerely,

Cidade, País: