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Escreva à banda Gogol Bordello pedindo-lhe para não actuar no Campo Pequeno, em Dezembro

Escreva à banda Gogol Bordello pedindo-lhe para não actuar no Campo Pequeno, em Dezembro, e para escolher qualquer outra sala de espectáculos de Lisboa (onde nenhum animal seja torturado) para actuar Por cada concerto ou evento que tem lugar nesta praça de touros, mais dinheiro a Sociedade Campo Pequeno tem para continuar a ter touradas nesta praça – mesmo quando estas dão prejuízo

A banda Gogol Bordello tem um concerto marcado para 10 de Dezembro na Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno. Por favor, escreva ao agente desta banda e à própria banda Gogol Bordello e peça-lhes para não actuarem no Campo Pequeno e para dizerem à administração do Campo Pequeno que terão muito gosto em actuar lá, mas só quando as touradas deixarem de ter lugar nesta arena onde semanalmente vários animais são barbaramente torturados.

Lisboa é uma cidade belíssima e com várias salas e espaços excelentes para espectáculos – cujos lucros não servem para financiar a violência contra animais – onde esta e qualquer outra banda podem actuar e fazer um concerto excelente e livre de crueldade. Por outro lado, os concertos que têm lugar no Campo Pequeno dão à Sociedade Campo Pequeno mais dinheiro para manter as vergonhosas touradas nesta praça.

Por favor, envie a mensagem abaixo sugerida – ou escreva a sua própria mensagem, se preferir – para: gogolbordello@mac.com; Com Conhecimento (Cc) a campanhas@animal.org.pt.

Mensagem Sugerida

To the Gogol Bordello Band,
To the Management of the Gogol Bordello Band,

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you about a concert that Gogol Bordello has scheduled for 10th December in Lisbon, at the Lisbon Bullring, Campo Pequeno, where every week bulls and cows are barbarically tortured and horses are terrorised in the context of a medieval and sadistic bullfighting spectacle, which happens just for fun.

Bullfighting is a gruesome form of entertainment which has no place in a civilised society. However, persistent bullfighting agents are still doing everything they can to save their evil business, namely in Portugal, Spain, France and in Latin America.

In Portugal, the bullfighting industry has re-opened the Campo Pequeno Bullring in 2006, after having been on works for almost 6 years, investing around 75 million euros to make it a special bullring where concerts, theatre plays and all sorts of events can be organised. They have installed a shopping center and movie theatres there, along with restaurants and a parking lot. That is their way to generate income from all these activities to financially support the bullfighting activity at this bullring and the very existence of the bullfighting company exploring this place.

For each concert or any other sort of event taking place at this bullring, there is more money available for the weekly torture of innocent animals in bullfights to take place there.

The number of people in Portugal who derive pleasure from watching the bloody bullfighting spectacles is by far much smaller than the number of people who oppose this activity and want to see it banned, as recent surveys have shown. Bullfighting is experiencing such opposition in Portugal, that, in the last months, 9 national and international companies, such as Ben & Jerry’s, KODAK and MELKA have ended the association that these companies´ Portuguese branches had with bullfighting activities in Portugal. When stating its position on the issue, KODAK UK Chairman Julian Baust made KODAK’s position strongly and positively clear, saying “KODAK in no way condones animal cruelty”. Other companies issued similar statements when they have announced that they would no longer get involved with bullfighting. Also, three weeks ago, a Lisbon court has deemed as “a cruel and violent spectacle”, “unsuitable for children and teenagers, as it is susceptible of negatively influencing their personality”, in a historic court decision regarding the exhibition of bullfights on TV followed by an injunction brought by ANIMAL.

Please, I urge you to not perform at Campo Pequeno and to choose any other place in Lisbon where you can have a brilliant, successful and cruelty-free concert.

Lisbon is a beautiful city with many good places and facilities where brilliant concerts can take place (like the Lisbon Coliseum, among other great places). Please choose a different place to have your concert – and, by doing that, you will be keeping yourself distant from the torture of defenceless animals and you will be letting the company exploring the Campo Pequeno Bullring know that, while they do bullfighting there, no good artist will want to perform there – while no objection will be raised once the cruel bullfighting activity there ceases to exist.

Looking forward for your reply and thanking you in anticipation for your attention,

Yours, sincerely,

Cidade, País: